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Using Social Media as a form of Advertising

Have you thought about advertising your business online?.. Check out our top websites for advertising…

As we know many people are now using lots of various social media platforms in their daily lives, most cannot spend at least 10 minutes away from twitter without seeing if any followers have ‘tweeted’ at them. As the popularity of these sites increase, advertising should become more attractive to growing companies.

There are a few which we suggest in you joining to increase you ‘social media persona’…


Currently there are over 500 million active users on Facebook. On average each user has roughly 130 friends and is connected to 80 community pages, groups or events. More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) are shared each month.  Just think how amazing it would be if your website was one of those links, blog posts or photos relating to your business? The traffic to your website would be phenomenal and help increase your Google ratings.


YouTube is currently the 2nd most popular search engine after Google. YouTube gives you an tremendous opportunity for exposure and engagement in a social context.

There are two simple ways of advertising your business on YouTube:

1.       Ad appearing within a video

2.       Filming a video and uploading it.

YouTube has fantastic resources helping you to maximise your advertising on the site from ‘How To’s’, ‘Analytics’, ‘Tools’ and so much more.

Here are some of Youtubes Best Practices:

  • Keep it short - The longer the message, the higher the possibility users will tune out. 60 seconds is a good benchmark.
  • Keep it engaging - Entertain, inform and be relevant. Users will view the majority of a video if they are interested and engaged.
  • Inspire, don’t just educate - Avoid focusing solely on being educational; two minutes of talking heads doesn’t work well.
  • Deliver key messages early - Plan for user tune-out near the end of the video and deliver your message early.
  • Include a call to action



Using only 140 character to ‘tweet’ information may seem to some people to be a bit boring or pointless, however we find that limiting your characters actually helps. By condensing down what you actually want to say rather than ‘going around the houses’ with help grow you social media to new heights. The amazing thing about Twitter is that it is so addictive that you can’t help checking out other peoples ‘tweets’ and then ‘retweeting’ to keep your profile in peoples timeline.    


A more professional approach to advertising, LinkedIn has nearly 90 million members in over 200 countries presents a new form of social networking. LinkedIn have their own self-service advertising called Direct Ads, targeting different audiences. Again like YouTube, LinkedIn provides fantastic resources to help the user understand how to use the website.

DirectAds Best Practices Include:

  • Create effective ads (relevant, call to action, specific)
  • Create multiple ads for each campaign
  • Target the right audience
  • Set an appropriate daily budget (ad rates vary during the day according to site usage)
  • Understand how bidding works
  • Improve performance – monitor click through rates and experiment, refine

So overall, UltracellMedia would definitely suggest using social media to advertise on your websites and to help raise your company profile in the social media world. If you need any help in setting up your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts please call our team on +44(0)151 523 2777 and we would be delighted to help you grow your business online.  

Back to basics!

We celebrated the launch of our brand new website just before Halloween with a spooky, grim, scary style! Just before this weekend we threw up our new Bonfire Night style to celebrate the explosive occasion, next is Christmas and New Year! Until the first of December we’ve revered our website back the default style, the default style will be displayed in between popular occasions throughout the year. 

If you haven’t checked out the new Ultracell Media website yet, click here!

Remember we also can design, print and develop websites so if your thinking of updating your excising branding and looking for something new, fresh and exciting give us a call on 0151 523 2777 and see if we can help you to enhance your branding. We also sell great a brilliant range of unique seasonal and occasional cards that are available for purchase! Click here to head over to our online store.

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, you’ll know that it’s Bonfire Night tomorrow! Bonfire Night is one of the busiest days of the year for emergency services, meaning that it’s one of the most dangerous days of the year! Because it’s one of the most dangerous days of the year, we thought we would type up a quick blog post with some advice on keeping safe on the day (some people just don’t have any common sense you see). You might want to make your kids read this as well!

Below is list of the best ways to keep safe when your out and about on the 5th of November, read it all closely and keep them in mind

  1. Only ever light sparklers one at a time and always wear glove
  2. Never let children under the age of 5 hold a sparkler
  3. Keep all unused fireworks in a closed box
  4. Read all of the instructions that are included in the box you’ve purchased for a licensed seller of fireworks!
  5. Light fireworks at arm’s length use a taper
  6. Stand way back when watching fireworks
  7. Never go back to a lit firework and watch for a few minutes before returning to a firework that appears to have finished
  8. Never put fireworks in your pocket
  9. Never throw fireworks
  10. Keep all of your pets indoors at all times

To celebrate the big day we’ve added a Bonfire Night background image to Ultracell Media website. Click here to check it out!

Enjoy the big day and keep safe!

Remember we also can design, print and develop websites so if your thinking of updating your excising branding and looking for something new, fresh and exciting give us a call on 0151 523 2777 and see if we can help you to enhance your branding. 

We’ve revamped our blog!

Lets just say it’s been a while since our blog has been updated never mind been revamped! As we said in yesterdays post, we’ve been extremely busy designing websites, printing t-shirts, business cards, leaflets etc, however today we put aside a few hours to make sure that we could give our blog a brand new look! And that we did…. (amazing isn’t it?)

Two weeks ago we revamped our main website and we’ll be updating it to make sure that it matches the upcoming season, our first was Halloween, the next is Bonfire night, after that snow will begin to fall and the website will become all Christmassy. To keep things consistent we’ll be doing exactly same with our blog! 

We love reading everyone’s feedback, good or bad! (not that we’ve had any bad feedback).. but if you would like send your feedback, please Click here. 

If you would like to contact us for any quotes, we can design you a website, print you new business cards, leaflets, or even print on a t-shirts for you please call 0151 523 2777 because we love designing new creative things!…

New website and a big thank you!

As you probably know we have updated our new shinny website www.ultracellmedia.com

We’re sorry that we havent updated for a while but we have been so busy designing websites, printing t-shirts, business cards and leaflets for our customers that we haven’t had a chance to update our own website!

However we’ve finally managed to squeeze it in in celebration of halloween and bonfire night just for you!… We would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers who have supported us over the past year and heres to a new website, more work and less sleep (if we could actually have any less sleep than we are getting!)

If you would like to contact us for any quotes, we can design and print anything! Please call: 0151 523 2777

Join the Flock

We are currently looking for a superb individual to join the Ultracell Media team and take on the roll of Web / Graphic Designer. if you are interested head over to our site for more details.


website update

We have just updated out website with new projects we have been working on.

Have a look !

Our new Website!

We have tried to make our new website all about the work we do, as we figure that’s what you want to see!

We would very much appreciate your feedback, so use the contact page to get in touch! :)

New website!

Finishing touches going to the new website!

Shelley, Michelle and Tina are doing the Race for Life this year. Please sponsor us to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Shelley, Michelle and Tina are doing the Race for Life this year. Please sponsor us to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Happy Easter

A big happy Easter to everyone from all of us here at Ultracell Media

Mothers Day

Get your Mother’s Day orders in now!

I Choo Choo Choose You!

We would like to wish all our customers old and new a happy valentines day. x

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is fastly approaching, get your Valentine’s cards orders in soon!

The British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation have sent us a lovely testimonial to say thank you for our hard work!

" Hi Michelle,

I just want to let you know that an e-shot was sent out today to around 2500 BHF supporters to promote our Santa Game! It will also be promoted on the homepage of our website very soon.

I’d also like to say thank you for all the hard work you and the team put in to create the game. The service you provided was second to none, and you went above and beyond what we originally envisaged the task to be, working hard to meet the tight deadlines we were working towards. 

The work you did was fun, vibrant and creative whilst fitting in with the tight brand guidelines we stick to at the BHF, you understood straight away what our needs were, how we put our messaging across to supporters and of course the game looks fantastic – everyone involved at BHF is delighted with the results. 

We hope the game will really help to spread the word about our series of Santa Jogs, we expect the jogs to raise almost £150,000 this year, so thank you to Ultracell Media for helping us to (hopefully) achieve such a fantastic target. 

I hope we can work together again soon, 

Very best wishes,

Karen Swale 
Regional Events Organiser
North West”