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We’ve revamped our blog!

Lets just say it’s been a while since our blog has been updated never mind been revamped! As we said in yesterdays post, we’ve been extremely busy designing websites, printing t-shirts, business cards, leaflets etc, however today we put aside a few hours to make sure that we could give our blog a brand new look! And that we did…. (amazing isn’t it?)

Two weeks ago we revamped our main website and we’ll be updating it to make sure that it matches the upcoming season, our first was Halloween, the next is Bonfire night, after that snow will begin to fall and the website will become all Christmassy. To keep things consistent we’ll be doing exactly same with our blog! 

We love reading everyone’s feedback, good or bad! (not that we’ve had any bad feedback).. but if you would like send your feedback, please Click here. 

If you would like to contact us for any quotes, we can design you a website, print you new business cards, leaflets, or even print on a t-shirts for you please call 0151 523 2777 because we love designing new creative things!…

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